I am Josh - Hight & Irons. Musician/Creative director.
Clients include: Liberty of London, Swarovski Crystallized,10 & 10men magazines, Simpson London, British GQ style, Fashion and Textile Museum, Baku magazine, Conde Nast, Concept + Image, Under/current magazine... josh@hightandirons.com

Liberty a/w 13 - photographer - Thomas Lohr - art direction - Josh Hight
Liberty Jewellery 2013 cover 
Liberty beauty s/s13 mag 
glitch remix… us.
Spring issue  - Baku magazine.
and a star. 
Burger boy
similar yet so different. 
Galaxie 500 - Snowstorm 
set in braille
My girls.
Mugler rework. Liquid fluro.
bored afternoon with a scanner and a selection of badges from my youth.
Published in the winter 2012 issue of Baku magazine. 
"scan, cold and manipulate - digital ode to skinny puppy"